The city of Amsterdam
My Amsterdam trip

We started with my friend Tom at 7.30 from my home.
It was very cold but we had a plane to be taken that would take us to Amsterdam.
Tom has lived there five years during university and love it like the first day.
The flight to our luck was quiet and quick, just off from the plane, after collecting the luggage, we went to take a taxi because it take us into the city center, more precisely Central Station.
Our hotel was in the center of Amsterdam, Damstraat exactly.
The city never ceases to amaze us, you can see extravagant people, street performers, beautiful women.
We arrived at the hotel we dumped our bags and started our tour to Amsterdam.

Day 1

Tom wanted to see the Van Gogh museum, the last time I visited it he was still a young college guy who wanted apparrire intellectual in the eyes of colleagues.
After 2 hours queue at last we can get. We join a group of Canadian tourists and visit the entire museum with them.
It took less than 4 hours to visit it all but it was worth it.
The day was not the best, it was raining, so we decide to go get a coffee at one of the many coffeeshops of Amsterdam.
The day then ends with a visit to Dam Square, where a group of clowns entertained tourists with funny skits and friendly banter to passers-by in the square.
Really fun.

Day 2

After a hearty breakfast with Tom decided to go to visit the Amsterdam parks.
– Vondelpark
It is absolutely the best known, and probably the most crowded city in all seasons. Favorable surely is the location of the park and its many attractions, from the Museum of Cinema in cafes and restaurants until the outdoor performances during the summer and play areas for children.
It could also be called the open-air gym of Amsterdam, given the countless citizens who go there to jog and exercise.
– Westerpark
Small park with a central lake which can be reached from the station the way Harlemmerdijk -the area is full of resturants and shops- until you get to Harlemmerweg and the canal that runs alongside it.
Connected to the park is the imposing complex of the Westergasfabriek.
After lunch, in the afternoon we visited:
– Amstelpark
To the south of Amsterdam, along the Amstel River, it extends this park that was opened in the ’70s and that seems designed especially for a Sunday of fun afternoon with the family. It is a 10 minute walk down to the RAI Station.

Day 3

Unfortunately we have not had much time on the last day, we had a plane that departed just after lunch.
However, these two short days in Amsterdam have served to recharge after 6 months of hard work. And I think that for my friend Tom’s journey was the same.
See you soon dear friends