My Trip in India
A tipical indian sādhu


India is an extremely fascinating nation and, in my opinion, a fixed stop for any person who loves to travel. It is a magical place made by his charisma that gives it unique features in the world.

Treasuring what has been my experience, I thought it would be useful to share on my blog who are about to face this wonderful journey.

A bit ‘of information, so you know something more to guide the choices of routes, means move around, where to stay and, perhaps, what to expect from the food (I’m a chef, you know 🙂 ).


The first choice that usually arises in front, if the time available is not very wide, if visiting the North or South India. The most common destination is the Rajastan, northwest, also known as the land of the Maharajas and the largest state of India.

This country has a strong impregnable, the majestic “havelis”, and breathtaking palaces that made him known throughout the world and, consequently, also very tourist.

Also on the north you can find the most spiritual part, and perhaps more authentic, visiting Varanasi, Rishikesh, Dharmasala and Mc Leod Gangj (where Tibetan exiles).

Another wonderful and surreal place is Ladakh, also called Little Tibet Indian Ocean, which is characterized by the tradition-rich villages and ancient Buddhist monasteries.

The south is just as spiritual but definitely more commercial. Precisely for this reason can be addressed without difficulty, and offers a very varied repertoire of things to see / do.


The first thing to keep in mind when choosing a place to stay overnight in India is that even the 4/5 stars have US standards.

In this high-end board strongly d choose the splendid hotels created inside of ancient haveli ($ 60/ $ 70 per night or so) and to avoid the big hotel chains, standardizing everything, make the impersonal experience.

There are many overnight accommodation in medium-low bands although my advice is not to get too much of category because the hygienic problems may be too unpleasant to tolerate.

Council instead of choosing mid-range guesthouse run by local, consisting of a few rooms and guarantee a more than decent level ($ 30 / $ 40 per night).

Here you can come to the rescue LonelyPlanet that for what has been my experience, it is reliably confirmed in the ratings.

Ashrams may instead be the best solution if the end of the journey is linked mostly to spiritual pursuits.


And possible to find anything to eat at very reasonable prices. The meal is not composed of several courses, but it is a single plate.

We have to remember that the Indians give up their effort to spice why, even in other types of food, you can always enjoy a bit ‘of India. This does not mean that everything is necessarily spicy, but definitely spicy!

I happened to ask a cook a dish in which there was cumin and he has not looked at me rubbed a bit ‘eyes almost in disbelief in front of my request.

Last note so as not to be surprised: in India you eat with your hands, with the right is preparing the bite and you bring it to your mouth, with your left you add food on your plate, and it breaks my chapati (a type of bread).

Do not worry, in all restaurants you will still be given the cutlery!